The alpine rail sector's €205 billion plan: harnessing the digital trends that are revolutionising rail

8th November 2018
Vienna Marriott Hotel, Vienna, Austria

Alpine Rail Optimisation is where heavy rail meets the future. Taking place 8th November 2018 in Vienna, the conference will bring together the Railway Infrastructure Managers and Train Operating Companies of Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France to present their forthcoming investment plans and source best-in-class solutions to deliver on them.

From developing and upgrading existing infrastructure, helping to advance customer experience, improving maintenance through effective use of IoT and Big Data capture, investing in state-of-the-art rolling stock and capatilising on the latest technologies to make Rail the first choice mode of transport, this unique conference will highlight how digitalisation will be the enabler of such massive improvements for the region to increase efficiency and reliability whilst helping to reduce costs.

With this is mind, Alpine Rail Optimisation will be the catalyst to facilitate critical dialogue between the region’s infrastructure heads, rail operators and global providers of cutting-edge technology with the solutions to modernise the region's railways.

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Key Topics Include

  • ÖBB’s investment plans for the digital age: Achieving the ambition of being a modern and competitive railway operator to improve customer experience
  • SBB’s latest platform for a digital transformation of railway systems to increase capacity and safety of the Swiss rail network whilst helping to reduce costs
  • RFI’s enormous 10-year investment plan to shape the future of the Italian rail infrastructure, whilst moving into the role of a multimodal infrastructure integrator by investing in the latest digital technology and innovations
  • SNCF’s strategy to improve project delivery whilst assessing the huge opportunity in digital innovation
  • Deutsche Bahn’s €28 billion investment plan to rebuild and expand the German rail network
  • Shift2Rail’s capabilities to bring about sustainable, cost-efficient, high-performing, time driven, digital and competitive customer-driven railways for the region

Share Expertise, Win Business

Opportunities exist at the conference for companies wishing to share their expertise, and ultimately to win business from the rail sector. The day will comprise of a series of formal presentations which can be made to the entire audience and panel discussions where challenges and experiences will be shared and solutions offered. Extended discussion groups will take place during the day, again enabling commercial organisations to meet face-to-face with rail sector heads who are meeting together specifically to seek solutions to modernise the region’s railways.

Why Now?

Recognising the correlation between modern railways and economic growth, the railways of the region have now taken the decision to make their most significant rail investments of all time

Travel is changing. Rail passengers and freight forwarders are no longer prepared to be the poor relation in terms of their transport mode of choice. Advances in digital technology mean that rail customers now expect a complete door-to-door solution, designed specifically for their needs. With ease of booking, ease of payment, real-time information and seamless transition between transport modes, rail customers now expect transport solutions which genuinely make it cheaper and easier to travel than with car ownership.

But whereas non-rail transport costs are falling, the rail sector continues to be further burdened by operational cost increases. The Governments of the Alpine Region have recognised that in order to make their Railways efficient, cost effective and fit-for-purpose for this century and beyond, significant investments must be made. Rail freight across the region is set to increase by 45% over the next 25 years, and passenger traffic will rise by a massive 50%.

The Infrastructure Managers of the region all recognise the correlation between modern railways and economic growth. As a result, they have now taken decisions to make their most significant rail investments of all time to ensure that the region's railways provide integrated and inclusive, environmentally sound mobility. The investments planned are simply jaw-dropping; with Italy investing a massive 94 Billion Euros over the next ten years, France is allocating a record budget to rail investment of 46 billion Euros also over the next ten years. Both Switzerland and Germany also have very ambitious plans with 22 Billion Euros and 28 billion Euros respectively in the next three years alone. Meanwhile, Austria’s plan to invest a significant 15.2 Billion Euros by 2022.

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