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Organiser and Chairman’s Welcome


Marcus Frantz |

Chief Information Officer


Digital Business Strategy Update at ÖBB

  • Focus on connected assets and connected operations
  • Impact on CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) and predictive maintenace
  • PoC’s first impact and outlook

Lazos Filippidis |

Tech Lead Digitalization Railway Systems


Digital Railway – Approach to utilize opportunities of digitalization

  • Expected benefits resulting from digitalization of the railway system
  • Systematic approach to derive key requirements for a digital railway system
  • Possible technologies for digitalized railway systems, their benefits and challenges

Florian Auer |

Director Technology

| Plasser & Theurer

Use-cases digital maintenance

  • Track surveying via inspection vehicle
  • Turnout assistance System using Artificial Intelligence
  • Possibilities of Image-recognition

Jack Schneider |

Program Leader ATO (Automatic Train Operation) Smart Rail 4.0


SmartRail 4.0 and ATO


Dr Albert Joerg |

Corporate Product Management


Transforming Alpine Railway Operation Challenges into European Railway System Upgrades

  • Alpine railway operation represents an open lab for degradation of infrastructure components
  • Geographic, operational and climatic challenges create a need for innovative solutions
  • Solutions working under Alpine boundary conditions offer sustainable benefit for the entire European infrastructure system
10:15 Morning Refreshments and Networking in the Exhibition Area

Juergen Maier |

Head of International Affairs

| BLS Cargo

European Rail Freight Undertakings at the crossroad – last chance to play an important role in logistics?

  • RU’s are not able to deliver the required performance/quality for the end-customers. Why?
  • European Commission is investing billions of Euros in infrastructure, but there is no change in modal shift!
  • National ministries mostly don’t have no clear view in terms of fulfilling CO2-targets. What could be some measures?

Methods to streamline operations, improve reliability and punctuality, and reduce costs.


Philippe Citroën |

Director General

| Unife

UNIFE – The future of rail: Innovate with the EU Rail Supply Industry

  • UNIFE’s vision on the future rail transport system
  • Research and Innovation is key to build up the future rail transport system
  • Digitalisation is a priority of the EU Rail Supply Industry to boost capacity, reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption, and optimise traffic management

Jean Michel Evanghelou |

Senior Adviser Telecoms-Signalling-Digital


The Conditions for Digitalization

  • Evolution of telecom networks: FRMCS
  • The modelling paradigm: RTM
  • The necessity of Cyber-security

Sebastian Denis |

Programme Manager for Innovation Programme 3

| Shift2Rail

S2R Vision on Integrated Intelligent Asset Management as part of cost-efficient, sustainable and reliable high capacity infrastructure

  • S2R Mission and Vision
  • Contribution of Shift2Rail on Cost-efficient, sustainable and reliable high capacity infrastructure
  • How Shift2Rail is contributing to Innovative Intelligent Asset Management Maintenance Execution
12:00 Lunch and Networking in the Exhibition Area

Vanessa Langhammer |

Head of Digitalisation

| Rail Cargo Group

Digitalisation in Rail: How to overcome perfect concepts and simply get started in a traditional and complex environment

  • How you get the people involved – mindset and bottom-up approach
  • Starting with small pilots – the right topics, commitment and a good team setup
  • The challenge of scaling pilots – keeping the energy up

Daniel MacGregor |


| Nexiot AG

Digital rail freight transformation delivers for all stakeholders.

  • Transparency is a stipulation not a ‘nice to have’
  • What does the complete solution look like
  • Collecting use cases and defining business cases

Patrick Soerg |

Project Manager Asset Intelligence

| SBB Cargo

SBB Cargo on the way into a digital logistic ecosystem

  • New digital technologies enable the automation of traditional railway processes
  • Wayside intelligence combined with a rolling IoT sets the stage for centralized visual train inspections
  • Developing digital products and services based on smart data is key for a competitive supply chain visibility

Michael Hitzelberger |

Head of IT at TechLOK

| DB Cargo

Digitalisation of locomotive assets – Challenges and opportunities

  • Collecting data from locomotives: Data transfer and processing
  • Overcoming challenges emerging from heterogeneous locomotive fleets
  • Building value on asset data

Internet of Trains – How Digitalization changes the rail industry


Philippe de Laharpe |

Project Manager for Telediagnostics


How digital innovation and technology can help face the challenges of Alpine Rail? Technological innovations offer many opportunities, choosing among those and implementing them in an efficient way may be the difficult part of the job.

  • Do more and install less hardware with shared platforms
  • Open operational data to other usages like maintenance and alerting
  • Reduce downtimes, maintenance cost and improve operational management with data sharing
14:45 Rail Operators Panel Discussion

What can be achieved from digitising my railway operations?

  • As demand for freight rail services dramatically increases, what are your challenges in supporting future growth?
  • Are long standing, traditional standards and rules preventing, or at least slowing down Railways of maximising the full potential of new digital technologies which the industry has to offer?
  • How are you optimising digital solutions to obtain smart data to increase the efficiency and services of your operations?


  • Vanessa Langhammer, Head of Digitalisation, Rail Cargo Group
  • Patrick Soerg, Project Manager Asset Intelligence, SBB Cargo
  • Michael Hitzelberger, Head of IT at TechLOK, DB Cargo
  • Philippe de Laharpe, Project Manager for Telediagnostics, SNCF
15:15 Afternoon Refreshments and Networking in the Exhibition Area

Shaping the future of rail infrastrcuture by harnessing the latest digital trends


Marco Gallini |

Head of Diagnostics Services and Maintenance Machines


The integrated analysis of track defects

  • How to improve the post-processing of diagnostic data
  • How to prioritise maintenance with objective parameters
  • How to increase traceability

Learn how to connect your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world to manage your assets smarter


Christian Sagmeister |

Head of Railway Systems

| ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG

Digital initiatives of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG

  • Train Running Checkpoints
  • Greenlight
  • Info Hub

Christoph Wahrenberger |

Head of Data Management, Modelling & Reporting – Tracks


Asset Maintenance 4.0 – About the challenge to build an innovative system for predictive track maintenance

  • Operational and strategic asset management: with respect to data just two sides of the same coin
  • Not yet big data but a lot of data: building a common platform to centralize, collect and analyze track data
  • Building upon a Datalab: from the successful prototype to the productive system
17:00 Infrastructure Manager Panel Discussion
  • How important is it for Railways to collaborate with solution providers as speed of innovation and systems based on AI are now key requirements in order to solve maintenance problems?
  • With the numerous digital solutions now available that collect Big Data, what are your challenges in distinguishing between the mass of data which is collected, and smart data that is useful to help you with your maintenance operations?
  • It could be argued that the rail industry is regimented by standards, rather than continuous learning. What do you feel needs to change to harness the latest digital solutions available to enable the rail sector to thrive in the 21st century?


  • Philippe Citroën, Director General, Unife
  • Marco Gallini, Head of Diagnostics Services and Maintenance Machines, RFI
  • Christian Sagmeister, Division Manager Rail Systems, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG
  • Christoph Wahrenberger Head of Data Management, Modelling & Reporting – Tracks, SBB
  • Florian Auer Director Technology, Plasser & Theurer
17:30 Chairman’s Closing Comments
17:35 Drinks Reception

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